Hold'em Poker Strategy Builder & Tester

Hold'em Poker Strategy Builder & Tester


Strategy Editor

Create, test & improve your strategies until they are profitable

Statistics per Decision

View statistics for each individual decision taken while playing

Strategy Performance Graphs

Watch your profit and loss graphs incline

Win odds & Hand Strength

Monte Carlo based algorithm for win odds & hand strength calculations

TAG Money Management & Action

Exclusive tight aggressive feature with risk management and variable settings

Player Type Database

Know your opponents playing style before actually playing against them

Multi Table

Test your strategy on multiple tables concurrently

Remote Control App for iPhone & Android

Watch your tables in action on the go! Take over single round feature also available


Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot plays tables using natural human mouse movements and clicks

Works with virtually all poker providers

Being a platform, Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot works on all poker tables by installing the appropriate plug-in

Automatic Updates

Keep up to date with new features and improvements to Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot

1 License* - €389

* Each license is an independent Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot account which can be installed on multiple PCs and run one at a time.

Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot is a one time purchase


Price will go up eventually without prior notice