Hold'em Poker Strategy Builder & Tester
What is Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot

What is Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot?

Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot is a hold’em strategy builder and tester that could unlock your poker profits!

With Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot you build your own strategies in the strategy builder then set them loose against real players at online poker tables. Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot can automatically play at multiple tables, meaning you can test your strategy over thousands of hands without lifting a finger.

Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot also records all your results and the decisions taken during the game so that you can analyse your performance and improve your strategy until it’s profitable.

You can even monitor your performance from your mobile with our free app for iPhone and Android.
Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot
This is Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot while attached to a poker table. At this point if you take a seat, Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot will play your selected strategy for you.
Poker Bot attached to a poker site table
[1] A live online poker table. Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot will attach itself to a table at any online poker room, provided you have installed the correct plug-in.

[2] A live profit & loss graph for this poker table.

[3] Live display of what is going on.

[4] The decision Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot has just taken.

[5] The player-types at your table. You can see further details such as VPIP and PFR by hovering your mouse over each player.

[6] Your current win odds and hand strength meters.

[7] Your hand.

Remote Control App for iPhone & Android
Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot comes with a free remote control mobile app that you can use to monitor your tables in real-time. You can even take over an action if you feel the need to intervene.
Poker Bot mobile app
[1] Full table view of what is happening in real-time.

[2] A live graph of this poker tables profit & loss.

[3] TAKE OVER button so you can take control of a hand and play it yourself.

[4] Live display of what is going on.

[5] Your current win odds and hand strength meters.

Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot Main Window
This is where you can create new strategies, view graphs and statistics for each strategy, import and export strategies, and manage your poker table plug-ins.
Poker Bot main window
[1] These are your strategies.

[2] Create a new strategy.

[3] A profit & loss graph of all your open tables.

Strategy Editor
The strategy editor allows you to create and edit your strategies with a flexible and easy-to-use interface.
Sagittarius ABZ strategy editor
[1] A widget. Please refer to the features page for a full list of widgets.

[2] Add a new widget into this condition row.

[3] When all the widgets in this row are true this condition’s action will be taken.

[4] An action. This is where you tell Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot what action to take.

[5] A condition containing multiple widgets.

[6] If any condition is false, the next condition will be considered.

[7] Add a new condition.

[8] This is the edit widget interface.

[9] If none of the conditions have been met, this is the action Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot will finally take.

How does the strategy editor work?
How the strategy editor works
[1] All widgets inside a condition must be true for its action to be taken.

[2] If one or more widgets are false, the next condition will be considered.

[3] Finally, if none of the conditions are met, this is the action that will be taken.

Please note: Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn and River each have their own set of conditions.
Odds Calculator
You can use the user-friendly odds calculator to calculate a poker hand’s chances of winning.
Poker Bot Odds Calculator
[1] Your cards.

[2] The cards on the board.

[3] Your hand.

[4] The odds of winning the hand at showdown.

[5] Number of players playing.

Strategy Graphs & Statistics
This is the interface that allows you to analyse the data gathered by Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot.
Poker Bot Graphs and Statistics
[1] On this graph, starting stacks are all normalised to 1K to give you an overview of the strategy in general.

[2] This is the actual profit & loss graph of the strategy with actual starting stacks.

[3] These are the statistics for each individual decision taken during a game.